No Country for Odd Men

I learned a new word today – pusillanimous, which means “lacking in courage.”  So if you are being “pusillanimous,” then you are being a “pussy,” with “pus” being the root word.  This way you can use a naughty word without being naughty.  This is great news!  Get yourself a cowardly cat and make plans to purchase a donkey – any donkey.  Then announce to your school or work chums, “I’m going home to a pussy pussy, but first I’m going to go pick up some ass!!”  You will not lose your job or receive dentention, and if you do, tell your superior to consult this website, and then, pardon my language, I may get actually get some freakin’ web traffic.

This summer I am in NYC writing, as opposed to wreaking havoc on Canada, so I suppose this can be kind of a writing blog this year.  How does one do that?  I’m not sure.  I am auditioning for a play on Saturday, being that I like the premise and role so far, and the company seems very legit and interesting to me.  So I may be doing a show soon, but if not, then I will have more time to write and fool around in the warm weather.  But stay tuned here because I have a couple projects now I want to write.  Write, write, write.  I’m writing now, so you can’t say I’m not doing it.

Also Saturday I will be attending the blessed unrest Gala.  They are a theater company I met in San Francisco in ’04, then did a show with in ’05, etc.  Anyway, I know that Ben from Lost was at one of their past events.  We’ll see what happens Saturday.  Maybe Charles Widmore will go instead.

I posted a clip of one of my New Yorkers interviews on YouTube.  An amusing bit, I think.  That show is a local NYC show that was actually being broadcast on UHF (!) and also streamed online.  It documents my steak eating adventure that I had during my ’04 road trip, in which I also visited the Grand Canyon, Roswell, NM, and Graceland.  Fantastic!  I love life on the road.  In fact, I just saw No Country for Old Men, and the cheap motels in that movie are exactly the kind of places I love to stay in. 


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