I’m Tired From All This Inertia

I can’t say the writing thing has been going well, because it hasn’t.  I haven’t been doing it.  I haven’t had a chance to sit down and focus on it, and chances are not appearing.  So this writing blog is a blog about inertia, if it is to be about writing.  But I have faith that I will find the balance to make the time, and that is going to have to happen soon.

I talked to my agent a few days ago, which is a good thing.  I freelance with an agency in Philadelphia, and got a message from their Philadelphia rep, who wanted me to come audition in Philly.  I called and talked to the New York rep and said I couldn’t because I live in NYC.  “So you don’t want to go?” she asked.  I said, no, I’m working now, and she was understanding of that.  I’ve been able to audition in NYC, but Philly I can’t do.  This brings us back to balance – how one makes a living, pursues their creative career, and has a life.  It is very difficult, involves a lot of give-and-take, and some things get shafted.  But, also keep in mind that if I had all the time in the world I wouldn’t necessarily make the most of it. 

I also asked my NYC agent if she ever gets anything in for Law and Order and such, because frankly, haven’t those Law and Order shows used every actor in New York at this point?  I mean, isn’t it coming down to the process of elimination?  She said they only had one picture for me online and it was good for comedic, and that’s it.  She didn’t have enough to sell me.  Nice of her to tell me upon me asking, but I understand the point – I come off as a goof ball in many of my pictures, and I’ve never seen a goof ball character on Law and Order.  So my next step is getting up pictures of me as a lawyer and doctor, etc., but I’ll probably look like a goof ball lawyer and doctor.  Maybe I could play both and defend myself in a malpractice suit, with my defense being that my client is a goof ball, like myself. 

I came up with a very funny idea for a video project, and I plan to shoot it tomorrow.  It will give me the chance to attempt to shoot something with my digital camera that is primarily for still pictures, but has video capability which I’ve never used.  Plus I can utilize my editing software.  It’s all an experiment of fun, with me playing multiple characters.  Unless it turns out to be a disaster, I’ll post it up on YouTube, but I have no idea how long it will take for me to do it.  I’ll be up early going to town on this. 

I’m still posting stuff on YouTube that can be seen on the Video page on my site.  I put up another Rebel clip this week.  For me to get a clip up takes me 2-3 hours to do, so if I come home and see that I have that block of time, I get to work on it.  Only one night like that was provided to me this week, so I used it accordingly.  Eventually I will have all my clips up there, and as you can see, many of them are.

The archive blogs are still being posted a day at a time.  I’ve been doing 2006 for a month now.  When I finally have everything up, I plan to promote the site more.

I didn’t get a call back for the play I auditioned for last Saturday, which was a disappointment because I liked the role and the people involved.  But this means time for other projects.  Yes, I should probably just put my extra time towards writing, but I also like the idea of doing a play because, for one thing, it involves me interacting and feeding off of other creative people as opposed to sitting at a table working by myself.  I think it would be cool to do a New York Fringe show as an actor only, so I am submitting myself for some.

My next entry should include progress on the writing. That’s my assignment to me.

Currently reading: God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater by Kurt Vonnegut


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