Hi Ray

Look, I’ve seen my blog stats and I’ll be honest:  I get less traffic than the back road of a ghost town in Alaska.  I used to have a lot of people reading the blog when I was on Myspace blogging, but I’m not even sure people can see this blog.  Ray, you couldn’t even see the blog when you clicked on the blog tab!  Is that happening to anyone else?

Last weekend was my big video shoot, and it was fun times.  My place now resembles a disaster site, with wigs, make-up, and clothes strewn about.  In this video, I play most of the characters of Lost interacting with each other.  I was surprised at how easy it was to do.  I was able to shoot footage on my digital camera, which is four years old and primarily for stills, fill up the memory card and load it into my computer.  Then I would erase the card and shoot more.  The footage is not the highest quality ever, but who cares?  It adds to the overall cheesiness.  Then Saturday night and Sunday I edited away with my Sony Vegas editing software.

I re-shot my Ben segment Sunday night, because I thought it could be better, and he wasn’t looking in the right direction in my original shoot.  Since it’s just me playing everyone, there has to be some kind of proper screen direction going on to make it look like they are talking to each other.  In other words, if Jack is talking to Sawyer, then Jack needs to look to his right, and Sawyer needs to look to his left, even though clearly it’s me talking to me while wearing a different shirt and wig and putting on a different voice. Believe it or not, I have a B.A. in Film and Television. 

The ridiculousness of it will be evident, and hopefully charming.  Locke is portrayed by wearing a cheap bald cap that also covers his ears.  During Sun’s speech you can hear the kid in the apartment upstairs running around.  Yes, I do play the women as well, and with some I didn’t even try to get it right (wait until you see my Kate!).  The male characters on the other hand, are roles that I am quite proud of.  In all fairness, if I were doing a sketch comedy show, I would be playing one character and that’s it.  And I don’t think it would be Kate.

Tonight I have two remaining characters to shoot, and Wednesday I will get a haircut and play Jack.  The rest is all edited, so if everything goes well, this should up on YouTube (and hence my video page) on Wednesday or Thursday.  I am hoping it gets a million plus hits and goes viral!  It’s just dumb enough to do that.

I actually didn’t write the script, so I hope the writer enjoys it.  He will be getting full credit. 

The project has been invigorating!  I have a couple more ideas of things to shoot, and if it’s so easy, why not?  If I’m doing everything myself, I can do it all at my own pace whenever I want.  Some projects can involve other people as well, of course.  I’m open to ideas.  I still have some other clips to get up on line, so look out for those as well.


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