The Film Industry

The LOST Reel is done, finally.  Still not up, as of this writing, but it will be up soon.

In a past blog I actually said it was “easy.” No, not really!  I think I meant I was surprised I didn’t have to spend more time figuring out how to upload video I just shot.  That part was easy.  My editing software gives me some trouble, presumably because my computer is about eight years old and probably doesn’t really have the memory it needs to handle a lot of video footage.  I had a few crashes while I tried to edit.  Also I started becoming a little bit of a perfectionist, which was silly because this was done in an amateur style and meant to be a fun little experiment.  I ended up going back and making adjustments.  I wasn’t sure I would be happy with it enough to put it up, but I think it’s pretty funny and, as a Lost fan, I would enjoy seeing it.

I am planning a summer short film trilogy, beginning with The LOST Reel, even though I have live performance videos still lingering and needing to go up.  I’m hoping the new material – all films shot by me and featuring me playing different characters – brings more attention to the web site and keeps things very much alive and moving forward.  Some months ago I was seriously complaining to a friend that I had no YouTube presence.  Well, now I do!  And it gives me the opportunity to act, write, edit, produce, etc.  Create your own opportunities!

Meanwhile, the archived tour blogs keep coming.  I’m up to forty blog entries from ’06, and it still has a ways to go.  I think someone who is a touring artist, or especially someone touring the Fringe, would get a lot out of reading those.  I don’t really sugar coat my experience.


Currently reading:  The Man Who Heard Voices Or, How M. Night Shyamalan Risked His Career on a Fairy Tale by Michael Bamberger


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