The Assassination of Jesse’s Girl by That Coward Henry Ford

Great feedback has been coming in for The LOST Reel, and in less than two days online it has already gotten more views than any other video I have up.  Not that that was incredibly difficult.  People weren’t clamoring to see Spencer’s Hotel & Casino, although that was from an audition reel from a few years ago and was put up for a quick chuckle with no expectations.

It would help me a lot if you would forward The LOST Reel to as many Lost fans as you can.  Then it can officially be viral!  And then they can give me a cameo on the show next season!  That’s not too much to ask for, considering I’m downsizing from playing every character to having a cameo.  Then people can watch my cameo (in which I will be “sucking face,” as they said in Old Golden Pond, with Kate) and say, “Hey!  That’s the guy from The LOST Reel!”  I would also be up for playing a mental patient who rooms with Hurley.  That would be cool.  Just putting ideas out there.

This blog is supposed to be a writing blog this summer, so I can say that the remaining short films in my solo summer film trilogy – The Next Big Thing and Quaker Love – are now written.  Once again, I play multiple characters, but not as many and neither has anything to do with Lost.  Not that I am against doing more Lost stuff.  I haven’t started shooting those two films yet, but they are the roster.

No writing on the screenplay lately or any other scripts over three pages long.

Currently reading: Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem

Currently watching: The Assassination of Jesse James by That Coward Robert Ford


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