George Carlin

I saw George Carlin for the first time on the HBO special “Playing With Your Head,” and from then on I was hooked. From there it was “What Am I Doing In New Jersey?” where George pointed out that New Jersey is all about sex…

Essex, Sussex, Middlesex, Fort Dix, Cherry Hill…

Then I went back and discovered the 70s material…

People say, “Get on the plane, get on the plane. Fuck you, I’m getting IN the plane! Let the dare devils get ON the plane!”

And kept going from there. Just the name George. Ge, or, ge, or, ge, or… Georgie Porgie. Let George do it! Screw it! You do it!

Kissed the girls… Yeah, yeah, yeah??!!

And made them cry… Oh, no….

One great thing about George Carlin was his love of language. As he would point out, there are no “bad words.” There are “bad intentions” behind words. He made that point many times, but sadly, I think less and less people got it.

In one special he talked about the Reverend hearing something on the radio that he didn’t like (which was George’s seven dirty words routine).

Please allow me to paraphrase:

Well, Reverend, did anyone ever tell you there are two knobs on the radio? One to turn it off and one to change the station. That’s right, Reverend, you can actually CHANGE THE STATION! It’s called Freedom of Choice. It’s something this country was founded upon. Look it up in the library, if there is anything left after you are finished burning all the books.

But then again, I guess the Reverend wouldn’t be comfortable with anything with two knobs…

George Carlin was arrested years ago for attending a Lenny Bruce show. He was always pushing the limits, while also doing routines that were just plain silly.

Go into a bake shop and ask, “Could you bake me a cake in the shape of a penis?” They would have to have a little meeting about it. “Well, I don’t know. Can we have a picture to go by?” “No, but I’ll tell you what I’m going to do…” “Order more flour, Helen!”

I was lucky enough to see him once live, at the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, New Jersey, and I logged in many hours listening to his albums.

So sorry to see him go…

But I’m glad he was here.


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