Activity Center Update

It’s been three weeks since the “Activity Center” blog entry, so let’s all check in and see what kind of progress has been made.  Call the neighbors, bake a pie, and gather the kids around the computer so everyone can take in the summer fun of finding out if I uploaded something to YouTube.  Better than a water slide, if you ask me.

Upcoming projects for Kurt!

Videos Coming Soon

The LOST Reel – It’s been up for a few weeks!  Last I checked, it’s had over three hundred views with lots of rave reviews!  If you can, when you check it out, give it the five stars it deserves.  I’d appreciate it.  And pass it along to your “Lost” friends. 

All my videos can be found at  or on the video application on my site.

Rebel Without a Niche – 3rd clip – It’s up as of last Saturday!  See me do many different characters working “The Graveyard Shift.”

Kurt’s Acting Reel (scenes from past films) – It’s up as of last Sunday!  Now you can finally see scenes from Economics 101 and other films I was in.  This is a marketing tool for myself as an actor.  I edited it myself and I think I should start a little side business editing reels for other actors.  I enjoy it.

Quaker Love – working title (Brand new short!) – The script is written, but the earliest I will have time to start shooting will be next week.  Give this two or three weeks.

The Next Big Thing (Brand new short!) – Principle photography has begun!  I was shooting this the last couple nights.  I would say give it two weeks and I should have this done and up and running.  So far, it is extremely dumb, hopefully in a good way.

Hooray for Speech Therapy  – 2-3 live clips– In the works!  I finally got the chance to watch the tape and pick out some bits to edit into clips.  I’m doing some DV to DVD transfers tonight, being that currently I can only edit with footage from a DVD.

Movies coming soon

Hooray for Speech Therapy feature (I plan to have a script by the end of this summer) – I’m bad.  No work has been done.  In fact, I have to unearth this script from a pile of things. Really, I have a pile of paper in my place.   I’m trying to figure out how to do everything.  I have not forgotten.

Live shows coming soon

Nothing booked right now. but I’m looking to

(1) Get cast in a New York Fringe show – I had an audition yesterday for a NY Fringe show.  It’s a solo show, which would be interesting since I’ve only done solo shows I’ve written.  I’ve submitted myself to some other productions.  We’ll see.  It is contingent on what is available and whether or not I can get an opportunity.  Things work out for the best.

(2) Start working on a new show –  Start working, eh?  I do have a few ideas. I came up with an idea yesterday and wrote up a full page of notes.  We’ll see.

(3) Continue to tour – Nothing new to report with this.  Nothing planned or booked yet.

New Activity Center additions:

Well, the archive blog keeps going and going.  The ’06 blogs will be done next week.  I think I will add some pictures to the blogs to give visual stimulation.  As you can see, I am busy keeping things going, but there is much more I want to do.  There is not enough time in the day, and when there finally is, I sometimes take a nap.

Currently reading: “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy (go Irish!)

Currently watching: “My Winnipeg” at the IFC Center.  I highly recommend it!


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