The Abyss

Not since The Dark Knight has a film had so much anticipation.  Pre-fans of The Next Big Thing, my homemade $0.00 budgeted short film, are chomping at the bit to know what’s going on.  I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that yesterday new footage was shot.  The bad news is that this little film is beyond dumb, to the point that I have considered bailing on it.  But maybe with tighter editing, a techno soundtrack, and elevating the budget to $0.25 (a gum ball makes an appearance!), this film can be saved.

How does one make a film for $0.00 in this big budget movie world? I mean, even those “mumblecore” movies must cost something?  Easy.  Use your four-year-old still camera that can also shoot movies. When your memory card is unusable due to a “file error,” use the original card that can only hold up to thirty seconds of footage.  Continually reuse it, as opposed to buying a new card.  Use the wigs you bought for a past project (you’re playing all the parts) and the editing system you already have.  Shoot only in the space underneath the strong ceiling light you have.  Employ no one.  Then shoot in your apartment at your own pace in such a reclusive fashion that you make Kubrick look like Brett Ratner.  Press record, jump into the chair and act away!  You have hence created your own opportunity, and your own reality that only you live in! 

Thank you for checking out the site and the blog.  It has crossed my mind to return to Myspace because those blogs used to get traffic. Writing this blog is like writing into the abyss. I used to like to get comments, but I think that was easier on Myspace.

In the meantime, the archive blogs are still going up.  I’m on ’07 now, and I have about three more weeks and then everything will be up!  Follow along if you want, because I’m still adding an archive a day.


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