Crosstown Traffic

I would like to thank Christopher Ryan Renn-Calliope for giving me my first comment on a blog!  He was very encouraging and commented on the blog where I was frustrated that no one ever reads what I write except Ray, so I was just writing a blog for Ray.  Christopher says it takes time to get traffic, and put me as a link on his blog, which gets a lot of hits.  Even a little encouragement makes a lot of difference, and I even got a little traffic over the weekend.  And, hey, here I am writing!  Half of success is showing up.  There is truth to that.

I read the article in Wired about Julia Allison, who I had not previously heard of.  She is some kind of celebrity, due to her presence online.  I think she writes a lot about her dating life, which wouldn’t interest me, but maybe it interests others.  I am curious if by mentioning her name in this blog, whether or not this blog will come up in searches.  We’ll see.  Julia Allison.  Ruth Buzzi.  Now we won’t know which name helped get me traffic.

I had previously written that I was considering bailing on The Next Big Thing, my second film in the Solo Summer Short Film Trilogy.  Things got better on Saturday when I continued shooting and editing.  I had a change of heart and found it to be quite funny, although I am well aware that I will not be accepting the Academy Award for cinematography and art direction.  I will, however, win an Academy Award for acting in the year 2013.

Here is The Next Big Thing for your enjoyment:

That film cost $0.00 to produce, but it was time consuming.  It was in the works for over a month!  It’s not that I was working a solid month on it, but it was when I had time here and there.  #3 in the Trilogy is a film called Quaker Love, which I purposely saved until the end because I wanted to work out some kinks and warm up with the other films before doing it.  I think it could be a quite touching film, in addition to being very dumb.  I have the script, but have no idea when I will start shooting.  Not this week, because…

I have my audition for the New Jersey Theatre Alliance next Tuesday.  I had a singing lesson yesterday with Wren Marie Harrington, who is a cast member of The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.  It went very well.  Turns out I am a bari-tenor.  Who knew?  It’s kind of like when you find out what sex your parrot is.  It was always there, but now you know.  We chose “If I Only Had a Brain” from The Wizard of Oz for me to do.  That’s a good choice because I would have walked in and done “I’ve Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison, which would have been self-destructive.  I just keep hearing that song, which I thought was a sign.  The sign is: Don’t sing it.

Currently reading:  Still on that Vonnegut book.


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