Late Night Updates

I should be in bed right now with my big fat head resting on my big fat pillow, but I decided to write a little update.  Oh, but remember, they said in Entourage that a big star needs a big head, physically.  So I’m well on my way.

Came back from the New York Fringe production of Bye Bye Bombay, which I enjoyed.  I believe I will be seeing one more Fringe show before it’s over and out.  I had interest in acting in a Fringe production, but I did not score many auditions for shows.  Just one, and I didn’t get it – which worked out for the best, I think.  I didn’t submit a show of my own because friends of mine have not had a good experience with the New York Fringe.   Plus my friend Cara Yeates of Bye Bye Bombay had 3pm shows last Thursday and Friday.  She actually got some people in, but come on!  Who am I going to get out to see my shows at those times during the week?

Okay.  Following up on things.  The audition for the New Jersey Theatre Alliance went well, or at least that’s how I have chosen to look at it.  I got two and a half minutes to audition in front of representatives from about twenty-five professional theaters of New Jersey.  I did my comedic monologue (not one I wrote), which went well, I think.  The people had been watching actors all day, so they weren’t responding.  Then the piano player started playing and I sang “If I Only Had a Brain.”  Yeah, well, if I only had a brain, maybe I wouldn’t have sung.  But I’m all about stretching myself and trying new things.  I know I’m good at monologues because I’ve put in over one hundred and twenty hours on stage performing solo shows.  But singing is something I haven’t done much of.  So, yeah, I’m glad I did it.  Despite practicing the song quite a bit – and I guess I could’ve practiced more, but I could say that no matter what – I ended up forgetting the lyrics when I was into the song.  So, rather than acknowledge that I screwed up and start over, I made up a rhyme, repeated a few lyrics, and then hit the correct lyrics, which brought me to the end.  I knew I was screwing up royally, and that they probably noticed, but if that had happened during a real show, I would have to do what I did.  Just barrel forward and make it look like I knew what I was doing.  I should get some credit for that, and I am, however it’s credit I am giving to myself.

I give myself a pat on the back just for going to these auditions.  I like the chances for big successes or big failures.  They are both exciting, because you’re putting yourself out on a limb to acquire either one.  What I don’t like is safe monotony.  Anyway, each company was given my headshot and resume, and if they weren’t interested, then you got it back about ten minutes after your audition.  I will admit that I felt a little down when I got almost every single one back, however there were two companies that liked Kurt enough to keep Kurt’s headshot and resume!  That’s two more than I had had the day before.  Success is all how you look at it.

The LOST Reel and The Next Big Thing have been making the rounds, and I hope they continue to pick up viewers.  Quaker Love hopefully I will begin shooting tomorrow (today), but I’m already up late writing this!  There are some Hooray for Speech Therapy clips around here that need to go up, but that still hasn’t happened yet.  The 05-06-07 archive tour blogs are finally done, and I’m adding pictures now.  You can find the links on my home page at


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