Good Things Happen to Good People

All right, I’ve had three hours of sleep, but I am as wired as a duck with his bill plugged into a socket.  Coffee, Diet Coke, and adrenaline.  It’s all in the mix.  Let’s start at the beginning, or rather, last night.

I went to see ASSSSCAT 3000 last night – the 9:30pm free show.  This is a show at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater that’s done every Sunday night that features improv with people from SNL and other places.  I have seen the show before, but not on a Sunday night because I’ve walked past there and seen NYU students camping out on the sidewalk hours in advance.  I was with some friends who wanted to try to get in, and we did, without waiting too long.  The place was packed.  We sat on the floor on the edge of the stage.

Sure enough, comedy luminaries were in the house.  Sarah Silverman, Seth Myers, and Horatio Sanz (who I didn’t even recognize – he’s bearded and a bit thinner, I think) were all performing.  It was interesting to watch Sarah Silverman.  I had never seen her live before.  I’ve always felt that she’s hot, even when she was on SNL eons ago.  Well, in person…  She’s hot.  She did the monologues that would inspire suggestions, and then would sit down off to the side and watch the improvs.  Upon sitting down, she seemed to have an immediate dour look on her face, as if she wasn’t happy with how she did.  She seemed to struggle a bit with what to say during the monologues.  At one point she lay down on stage to conjure up some inspiration.  Then when she got on a roll, she was great.  She’s Sarah Silverman!  She’s earned her right to take her time and find her groove.  She doesn’t need my approval.  But she’s getting it.

So is the sight of Sarah Silverman the cause of my wired state?  No, that would be disturbing.  Here is what happened:

In the beginning of the show, each improvisor gets introduced and takes the stage.  “From The Colbert Report so-and-so, from The Daily Show whatshisface…

And now the newest member of the cast of Saturday Night Live…”

I didn’t hear the name because people were cheering so loud, but out comes Bobby Moynihan.  Bobby Moynihan is the NEWEST CAST MEMBER OF SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE???  An official “Holy Fucking Shit” moment.  In fact, that is why profanity was invented.  There are no clean words to describe the experience of finding that out.

Now let’s go back to the year 2000 and I am playing one of the leads in the independent feature film Economics 101, a film that I have often joked about in my blogs and elsewhere and also starred Jeffrey Paul Bobrick, who has became an amazing friend of mine.  The story behind the making of the movie…  Well, that’s a story for another time, but it was one of the most bizarre experiences in my show biz career, and that’s saying something.  The movie also starred…  Bobby Moynihan!  In fact, if you watch my acting reel online, you’ll see Bobby sitting in the sand with us.

I had a ball working with Bobby and the rest of the cast.  It was an incredibly talented cast of people, and although the movie never went beyond the New York International Independent Film Festival (that you have to pay to be in), it was a joy to be involved with it.  I could certainly see the talent and presence that Bobby had – and I don’t discount the talents of the rest of the cast, but Bobby was described by someone as a mixture of Jackie Gleason and John Belushi  Shortly after Bobby started doing improv at Upright Citizens Brigade.  I remember being there once in his early days and he was working there and sweeping up the stage.

Some members of the Economics 101 cast left acting to have babies, Jeffrey now is primarily a singer/songwriter, and myself and Eric Deskin are still performing and acting.  Bobby kept going with UCB, I followed his career, and ran in to him here and there.  Which brings us to last night.

At 1am, while walking home,  I called Jeffrey Paul Bobrick.

He answered the phone: “You never call at this time, so this must really be something.”  Jeffrey keeps odd hours, and this news could not wait.  He went online and confirmed the news, and we both were amazed and happy for Bobby, our co-star!!

Bobby is in the big leagues, in a realm that anyone who has ever worked in comedy aspire to.  It’s an incredible achievement to be able to do that, and I think Bobby could very well become a household name!   Not everyone who joins SNL really take off, but I think Bobby will.  I am very excited and happy for the guy, and I hope he enjoys the ride!  I could see last night the look on his face when he came out, still absorbing all this.  It’s a lot to absorb, I’m sure.  I’m still absorbing it! 

Looks like I’m going to start watching SNL again.  Yippeeeeee!  Your dreams are attainable, kids!!


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