The Closeted Desk Lamp

I know you are eagerly anticipating Quaker Love, the final installment of my Solo Summer Short Film Trilogy.  In some schools of thought, summer ends with Labor Day, but because of continued delays with this production, I’m going to have to agree with the calender that September 21 is the last day of summer. 

Sorry it’s taken so long, but I’ve had auditions to prepare for, excuse, excuse…  I did shoot some of it last Friday.  I had to because I’m getting my hair cut this week and I wanted to shoot one character with longer hair.  So part of it is in the can, and good news – it’s good so far!  I found a desk lamp that I forgot I had in my closet, so I have another light to maneuver around.  Now, with better light, things look less grainy.  My production values are getting better!  But I really need a full day of nothing scheduled but Quaker Love filming.  That may be coming this weekend.

I wonder if Spielberg ever makes a statement like that – “My films will be getting better because I found a desk lamp in my closet.”

Since the day I was born, I’ve wanted to create a viral video.  The LOST Reel has now gotten over 700 hits!  I’m still waiting for it to hit a vein, i.e. a point where it will spread like gonorrhea on a Dutch hooker.

You may be wondering what’s going with the screenplay.  Something is.  I’m doing a crash course in indie filmmaking come September.  September 14 is the beginning of Independent Film Week, which used to be the Independent Feature Film Market, which I was in years ago with Kin.  I’ll be checking out the Independent Film Conference.  Then a couple weeks later I’m going to LA for Film Independent’s Filmmakers Forum.  A consolidated weekend of seminars and networking.  Plus if one wishes to work in film and television, then one might consider going to LA once in a while.  One is doing that. 

After that, my training will give way to action.  As I said in yesterday’s blog, it’s not a good idea to OD on classes.  Get out and do something.


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