Filmmaker Forum and more

I could be a little better with keeping current with blogs. Since I last wrote, I did a new video – “Vote For The Future.”

I just discovered today that Gabe is reading the blog! Yes, I just came across the message you wrote last month, Gabe! Welcome.

This is the best place to go right now to find out my updates. My home page on my webpage is seemingly frozen in time, so I want to at some point litter the home page with links that will bring you to more current news and material. Then it may get repeat traffic!

Some updates from me: My movie Kin, the feature film I wrote, directed, and starred in in the 90s, has been released from it’s contract with the web company it was with, meaning that, for the first time in years, all the rights belong to me again. At one point, Kin was signed to two companies – the web company for the U.S. and a sales agent for the rest of the world. This emancipation is good news! I have already had an offer from a new company that will give you the option of downloading DVDs, watching it on an ipod, and other fun. Also this could mean a DVD release! I’m pleased that Kin has a chance to take on a new life.

What about the Hooray for Speech Therapy movie? If I can get a script in shape by the end of this month then I can submit it for a director’s lab in LA, which would give me a chance to develop it in a professional environment. It would be a good opportunity, although I would have to be in LA for a few months.

Touring, yes! I am planning a tour for 2009. If all goes according to plan, I’ll do more cities and towns than I ever did before! In fact, if you want me to come to your town, please let me know at I could see about making it happen! Right now I am planning on doing Hooray for Speech Therapy (the live show) and a new show.

I was in LA a few weeks back for Film Independent’s Filmmaker Forum, which was a weekend of seminars and networking. The keynote speaker was producer Ted Hope, who urged the audience to stop making so many films, referring to the glut of films that had been submitted to Sundance. This was ridiculous advice to give to a room full of people who were there for the purpose of gaining the tools to make a film. Did he expect someone to say, “I think I’ll take Ted’s advice and not make my film! Well, I guess I have the weekend free now.” Maybe Ted is afraid his own films are going to get lost in the vast shuffle. He also talked about the issue of net neutrality, which is indeed an important issue.

Much of the seminar dealt with an speech that was given recently by someone in the film industry saying the “sky is falling,” and industry people responded to it by explaining if the indie film business is really in trouble since many distributers have gone under recently. To be honest, I doubt the sky is falling for most of the people in the audience watching those seminars – because they are not making their living making movies, as much as they would like to be. It’s almost like hearing that a big party that you wanted to attend but weren’t invited to is going really poorly. I didn’t even know that those companies went under.

The other thing is that the economy is so bad that people will be reluctant to invest in an independent film. If the economy is going well, they should be reluctant! You’re pretty much making a contribution to the arts by investing in most films, although there’s nothing wrong with that. I wouldn’t consider it a safe investment. Unless it stars me.

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