Tour E. Spelling

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  I wanted to let you know how the ’09 tour is coming along so far.

I applied for the CAFF Lotter, which would allow me to do any Fringe Festival I wanted, as long as I did at least five.  I was first on the waiting list, but then all five International companies accepted.

Rogue Festival, Fresno – Feb. 26 – Mar. 7 – I’m in!!  Tell all your Fresno friends I’m Going Back to Cali.

SF1 Festival, Solo Festival, Seattle – March – I applied and got turned down.  Budget cuts.

Orlando Fringe – May – I applied and they just had their lottery, and I’m #12 on the wait list.  So it doesn’t look good for Orlando, although…

UNO Festival, Victoria, BC – May – I am now freed up to apply for this.  Going to have to move quick, though.  This is a well regarded solo festival.

Montreal Fringe -June – I always hear how much fun Montreal is, although it’s tough to do business there.  I have not applied, but I still have until Dec. 1.  Problem is it overlaps with Ottawa.

Ottawa, ON – June – I applied.  Lottery is Dec. 3.

Winnipeg, MB – July – I applied.  Lottery is Dec. 18.

Saskatoon, SK – Jul-Aug – I’m in!

Edmonton, AB – August – As long as they received my application in time, I applied.  Lottery is Dec. 1.

San Francisco, CA – September – I want to do this as opposed to Vancouver, which runs at the same time.  I still have time to apply.

I’m also planning on shows in LA, Roanoke, VA, and Wellsboro, PA.  And, after way too long away from New York stages, I think it’s time to come back, do guest appearances, improv, and stand-up.  Yes, stand-up!  I want to get involved with a community of performers and artists, instead of being a lone warrior, which is what I tend to be at times.


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