December Gossip

All right, it looks like WordPress has a whole new layout since the last time I logged in! Here’s what’s going on…

On Dec. 2 I did a very successful live show called “Lindy Loo’s Country Cuzins,” which was a country music and variety show at Banjo Jims at 9th Ave & Ave C in Manhattan. It was at 9:30pm on a Tuesday night, and the place was packed. Lindy Loo emailed me and asked if I wanted to do a comedy piece in her show, and I suggested being her cousin Chuckie Loo, and we could improv bits between acts. It went extremely well! The audience loved the interplay between Lindy and Chuckie, so much so that we’re doing it again on Jan. 6. Probably at Banjo Jim’s again, but I’m not sure. Chuckie is now an alter ego of mine, living in Kansas. As I told Lindy, we need a lot of lead time because I will need to call him and it takes a while for him to run to the town phone. In his first appearance, he was breast feeding a toy (?) pig, but on Jan. 6 we are planning to improvise a song with a piano player, who will be improvising the music. I recommend the show and I’m glad to have a reoccurring gig in NYC. Or should I say Chuckie does.

I’m doing film/TV work now. Last week I did three days on Gossip Girl, playing a man in a tux at the opera. It was fun and they fed me extremely well. There was a gaggle of girls outside waiting to get a glimpse of the stars. One of them took my picture, correctly assuming that I am a star unto myself, with my bizarre cult following. She probably does not really think that, but I do, and that’s what’s important. I’m looking for principal roles on shows, but how does one get in that door? I’m figuring it out. Kurt really needs to go mainstream.

Penn Badgely and Kurt Fitzpatrick
Penn Badgely and Kurt Fitzpatrick

I went to Toronto for a weekend! Visited such Fringe people as Alex Eddington and Alex Dallas. Also my friend Magenta. It was a great time, although I arrived on a very cold weekend.

Yes, the 2009 tour! Let’s see where we are at…

For Hooray for Speech Therapy:

Rogue Festival, Fresno, CA – I’m in! Feb/Mar

Orlando Fringe, FL – I’m in! Uhhh, May, I believe

UNO Festival, Victoria, BC – I’ve entered. This is a juried festival. It overlaps with Orlando a bit, but when I entered UNO (at the last minute), I was far down on the waiting list for Orlando. If I get in UNO, I’ll make it work.

Ottawa Fringe, ON – I’m #2 on the International waiting list, so I have a shot. Also I may do an alternative venue. June.

For The Last Straight Man in Theatre (NEW SHOW!):

Winnipeg Fringe, MB – I’m in! July.

Saskatoon Fringe, SK – I’m in! August.

Edmonton Fringe, AB – Waaaaay down on the waiting list. I don’t think you’ll see me in Edmonton. August.

Boulder Fringe, CO – Same time as Edmonton. Didn’t get it in fast enough for the first come-first serve 25%, so I’m hoping to get in through the lottery in February. August.

San Francisco Fringe, CA – Haven’t entered yet. September.

Also I want to do LA, Roanoke, VA, and Wellsboro, PA. I heard of a few other festivals I want to look into. Plus there may be some NYC shows early of the year of Hooray for Speech Therapy and The Last Straight Man in Theatre.


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