The Feral Cat

The Feral Cat lives free in the woods, like an animal was meant to live.




Occasionally the Feral Cat will come near a home and walk by a basement window.  A dog will look out the window and be frightened by the Feral Cat.  Not that the Feral Cat would harm him, but because he never saw anything like it.  It’s as if we looked out a window and saw an elf walking around on the front lawn near the daises.  It would be disconcerting, to say the least.  But at least we would know it was an elf.  What if, like the dog, we saw something that we had no concept of prior to seeing?

The Feral Cat lives free, until someone captures it and deems the act “humane.”  Then the Feral Cat lives in a laundry room, hiding in a corner.  He is fed, and given water and kitty litter.  But he will not come out from the corner behind the washing machine.   He misses his home of the wild where he could run free.

He chooses to remain a wild and beautiful creature.


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