I’m getting ready to go to California, and it’s been a jam packed last couple days. I have a new show in the works, and had a deadline to get a new draft/outline done before I leave. Also marketing for “Hooray” in Cali. Let’s hope I get audience in LA. I’ve been marketing the show towards speech therapists in the LA area, of which there are many, but who knows if they will come.

My flight for Fresno is at 6:01am tomorrow morning, so I may not sleep tonight. I may leave for JFK from my place in Brooklyn at 2am, just to insure that I arrive in plenty of time. I’ve got some more to do before then – go over the script, get packed, etc.

Fresno. I wonder what that place is like. I’ll be finding out soon.

I’m reading “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell right now. It’s really interesting. I’m looking forward to getting on the subway so I can get back to reading it.


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