Show Won

I got eleven or so hours of sleep last night, so I am ready, rested, and ready. That’s ready twice. Actually, I have to run through my show because I haven’t done it since 2007. Fresno reminds me of a town in the American South, as opposed to a place in California. People seem to have a Southernish accent.

Right now I am in a coffee shop (well, that’s very California) and have set up my little office here in the corner (very California). Rehearsal today from 3-5pm, then show at 7pm. I have no idea what the audience turnout will be, and I don’t care because tonight I’m more concerned with just doing the show again in such a long time. Don’t get me wrong. If you go to the show, I will deliver.

Hung out with Barry Smith yesterday, who is staying in his van outside the house where I’m staying. Also talked to Gemma Wilcox, who is also here doing a show. Cara Yeates is here. Ryan Paulson is on his way. Those are all the people I know from past tours, so sometimes a festival is a bit of a reunion. Also Baba Brinkman, who I don’t know very well, but I met him in 2004 in San Francisco when he would do his show right before mine and would be in the dressing room shower when I would show up.

Back to preparing…


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