Tired and Hungry, but Much Warmer

Left this morning at 2:30am. Took the R (shuttle) to the N to the F (no one was on the platform except me. A ghost town.) to the A to the Air Train (like a monorail! Or I guess it is a monorail?) to United flight at 6:01am to San Francisco. I actually fell asleep briefly while waiting to be called for the boarding, woke up and thought I missed the flight! Ran in and got a seat with time to spare. Had a two hour or so layover in San Fran, ate a burger, and took a loud tiny propeller plane to Fresno, with a flight that was less than an hour. The seat next to me fell apart, which I didn’t think was a good sign.

Landed. Walked to the place where I’m staying. Six mile walk, I believe. Could have taken a cab. Decided to make that my exercise for the day…

I have not really slept since Tuesday night. I will have to continue this some other time. Plus I have to eat something. The last thing I ate were oranges I grabbed off an orange tree I found, fascinated that I was seeing an actual orange tree. I ate four of them. I have heard since then that you’re not really supposed to do that, but I thought ripe fruit was for the taking.


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