Show Too

I suppose I am experiencing jet lag, although I don’t really have a clear definition of what that is. I need to look that up. I can get out of the East Coast, but the East Coast can’t get out of me. I got a long night’s sleep last night, so maybe that cured me.

My first show went very well. A modest audience, but they laughed and had a good time, and I was laughing at myself like I usually do when I’m having a good time. The box office people outside told me that I was getting raves from the audience as they exited, so that’s good news. The Rogue Festival is a big deal, at least in this neighborhood. There is buzz about. I wrote an article for a paper here called The Undercurrent, which came out yesterday, and I got some press in the Fresno Bee. I’ve been out flyering a bit and many people tell me they already have plans to see me. So I am building momentum.

My next show is tonight at 8:30pm. I am off to see a show and flyer and prepare. Oh, I’ve been promoting my LA show via email plus I’ve met some LA people who may attend. Success! I look forward to my bus ride to LA, seeing the sites of California from the road, and getting more of a feel for the state.


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