Hot Sweaty Show

Last night’s show was the kind of show I love to have. I always thought “Hooray for Speech Therapy” would do well with a late night party crowd, and that’s pretty much what I had last night, even though it was an 8:30pm show. The audience laughed like crazy all throughout, and I was sweating and feeling like a rock star. No wonder people return to Fresno! I have three more shows here, so audience word-of-mouth should help get me some well attended shows. I’ve been doing this show for a while, and I sometimes think that maybe I’ll get tired of doing it, but that hasn’t happened. It just gets better and better, and it still has room to grow. If it didn’t, then maybe I would get bored with it. Or maybe not.

I didn’t find this out until last night, but the Rogue Festival is not running today and tomorrow. I go to LA on Wednesday to perform there, and then come back on Thursday to do another Rogue show. I also just recently thought, “Gee, I hope the bus runs on schedule!” But it’s not like there’s going to be a snowstorm here.


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