I am trying not to read reviews, but the Fresno Bee made my show one of the seven picks of the Rogue Festival for this weekend. Here’s what they said:

“Never has a show title, “Hooray for Speech Therapy,” so accurately summed up the ensuing 60 minutes: By the end of Kurt Fitzpatrick’s charming and very different Rogue solo performance, you’re 1) impressed with the guts it took years ago for a stutterer to decide to become an actor; and 2) grateful that the field of speech therapy itself was able to help him so much in the long run.”

On Tuesday I didn’t have any shows, so I was going out to Revue, which is the big coffee place with wifi (where I am now), and I went back in the house to search for my headphones. I left the door open a bit, and one of the cats belonging to the man who is putting me up ran out as fast as a bullet. The cat ran under the house. This put me in a panic because I was the only one home and was convinced that the cat would be lost forever and I would be known as “the guy who lost his billet’s cat.” I hung around outside for two hours, making sure the elusive pussy would not run out onto the street. The cats are afraid of me, so I couldn’t get him to come out. After he escaped and ran out the back fence, I had to give up. Later the cat owner (who does not have a cell phone, so I couldn’t call him) came home and got the cat in immediately. A complete waste of energy. By the way, if the cat got on the street and got run over, would all the responsibility be put on me? What about putting the responsibility on:

1. The person driving the car.
2. The assembly line who built the car.
3. The cat owner who did not tell me the cat was that sneaky.
4. The actual cat
5. Ray Summer

Wednesday I took a morning Greyhound bus to Los Angeles. My friend Lori was nice enough to pick me up in Glendale and we had a fun day. I arrived at the Hudson Guild Theatre at 6pm and got things set up. Zeke, the guy working at the theater with me, was a little surprised that I had no techie working with me, but I found a way to do that myself. I sat up in the booth operating pre-show music and lights, and then walked out and onto the stage when the show began. It actually worked. When the show ended, I directed applause to my adept technician, and walked up into the booth and once again became the technician.

I had a small but very supportive and enthusiastic audience at the Hudson Guild. I had a great time, and I was doing my show in Hollywood! On Theatre Row, but hey. Hollywood is Hollywood. Afterwards we went to a diner (I love LA diners). No celebrity sightings, until I saw a reflection of myself, the star of “Daniel Faraday Wishes You A Happy Presidents’ Day.”

The next morning I was back on the bus heading back to Fresno. It stopped in Bakersfield, and apparently the prison was letting out that day. A guy who sat next to me asked me, “Can I use your phone? I just got out.” I resisted asking him what he had gotten out of. A well? He decided not to use my phone because it was almost out of power. He was very polite. Maybe the system works.

That brings me to arriving back in Fresno on Thursday. My 8:30pm show SOLD OUT! That was pretty awesome. A nice young lady from a nearby college interviewed me afterwards for her class. Afterwards I went to see a Rogue burlesque show, which was fun. At the end of their show, they asked whatever Rogue performers who were in the audience to come up on stage and plug their shows. When it came to me, I decided to keep in the tradition of burlesque and did my own strip tease. I only got topless, though. If I was not selling out, I would have considered going bottomless. But desperation was not needed.

I have two more shows – tonight at 10pm and Saturday night at 8:30pm. Sunday morning I fly back to New York.


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