Rogue-O Stick

I’m back in New York, and here I am finally providing you with my final California blog entry. I’ve been busy since my return, doing some time consuming but greatly appreciated film/TV work.

The final two shows of the Rogue… My Friday 10pm show went very well. People told me I was going to sell out, because I had a good “buzz.” I was a bit disappointed when it wasn’t a sell-out, but it was a good audience and a fine show, although I was a bit tired – that’s the thing about the later shows. I’ve always felt that my show is well-suited for late night, but then again, night is when I sleep most of the time! When you are performing, you’re not always feeling like a tiger ready to bite the stage, so you get yourself into that mode. Then when the show is over, you feel the real fatigue or adrenaline or both. It all works out.

As for my “buzz,” I did indeed have it. It was very gratifying because I’ve done many festivals where I see that happening to other performers and I kind of get passed on by. In Fresno, the people were great. Everyone was nice when I would flyer line-ups – many of these people had seen my show, and told me how much they enjoyed it! They would pass the word onto the other people in line. I had people coming up to me in the coffee shops – and not the crazy people who seem to get released from the asylum just in time to see my work, which I’ve experienced in the past (I have stories, believe me). These people appeared to be normal! I’m a cross-over hit! They came up and told me how much they enjoyed the show.

My final show was, indeed, a sell-out!! I’ve come a long way from doing “Rebel Without a Niche” in Edmonton in ’06 and hearing my tiny audience chattering as I was backstage during my final show. “Aren’t there usually more people at these shows?” “Maybe they know something we don’t!” Then doing the show with no response in the beginning… Then a laugh… And then the laughs kept coming. I told them at the end, “I know there are only a couple people here, but I did my show as if I had a full house. Remember that when I come back.” (My ’07 Edmonton shows were much more successful.)

Now I perform for a full house. And, yes, small houses will still happen, but I’ll still perform like it’s a full one.

I flew home Sunday morning, on a tiny little plane that flew to San Francisco. The plane was so small that I might as well have been straddling a pigeon and flying home that way. I managed to hit my head twice while getting into my seat, and then amazingly hit my head on the shade of the window. I don’t how I accomplished that. Since that flight left so late, I missed my connecting flight. While in line to get a stand-by flight, I managed to drop my cell phone, which bounced off the carpet, and hit me in the head. I survived all this without getting a headache, and was not enjoying my one-man “Three Stooges” tribute that had been thrust upon me. I said things to myself like “If I get hit in the head one more time, I’m going to…” And that was it, because what WAS I going to do?

I was lucky enough to get a flight to NYC an hour later. A skinny blonde sitting next to me accidentally stepped on my “Sell Out” award plastic cup that I was presented with at the final night party. I couldn’t fit it in my bag, so it rolled around on the floor, thankfully not landing in the engine. It’s a bit cracked now, but the thought of the award is what counts.

I’m doing “Hooray for Speech Therapy” in the ONE Festival in New York in April. Hopefully this year they will promote themselves on their website, which will allow me to promote the whole festival. I plan to experiment with the show a bit, rewriting a few parts. The show evolves.


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