Orlando on the Moono

Yes, I know my blog just isn’t what it was, but things have been quite full and I have had to learn to make the most of my time. So what suffers? You, the fans. But if you are a fan of mine, then you are used to suffering. Oh, I josh.

Right now I am in Orlando, amidst my run of “Hooray for Speech Therapy” shows and looking at the clock – it’s 2pm and I have not started my editing of the video footage for “The Last Straight Man In Theatre,” which opens in the Winnipeg Fringe in July. I basically have to have that footage edited together by June 18, which is about when I leave for Ottawa to do the Fringe there. We shot the footage less than a month ago during a five-day production. The director Alison Williams, key assistant Palikitten, and myself worked to create various locations in my apartment, as well as transforming me into radically different characters, including several women. It was great fun, but hard work, of course. And I don’t like wearing mascara.

Basically the show will have a video running throughout almost the entire time, and I will be doing a live performance interacting with the video. With the precision of the timing, the experience may be more like a movie than a live show. But it will be a live show. And a movie. So there you go.

Much of my updates is on my latest news part of my website. I just wrote an extensive update there, which kind of turned into a blog.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Maybe at some point I will keep a regular blog, sign up to Twitter, actually maintain my Facebook Fan page… I’ll work on it. Meanwhile, if you are at the Orlando Fringe Festival 2009, please come see “Hooray for Speech Therapy!”

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