Winnipeg Day One

I am tired tonight, but I have decided to force myself to keep a tour blog. First of all, my first loyal reader now has shingles and is probably missing this blog, because he is undoubtedly curious about what is going on with me in Canada as I tour. I hope you feel better, Ray!

Why has it been difficult for me to get the blog up and running? Well… I performed in the Ottawa Fringe Festival with “Hooray for Speech Therapy,” but was not part of the Fringe scene much and also didn’t hang around to flyer or promote very much. I spent my non-performing time rehearsing the new show and editing and reediting the video that will play throughout the whole show. So Ottawa wasn’t a fun Fringe, it was a work Fringe. Still, my show was very well received, attendence was okay (no reviews, little promotion), and I had a blast doing it. It was my break from working on “The Last Straight Man In Theatre.”

This new show has been rather consuming for me, mainly because it is a show that combines theatre and film. We shot a film back in… I think it was May. April? Probably May. Alison Williams, my director, who lives in Ottawa, came to New York and we spent a few days doing pre-production and five days in production. I played every character in the production, from rebellious teenagers to snotty girls. It was draining to shoot what is basically a one-man feature film in five days, but we did it and I survived.

After getting back from the Orlando Fringe, I edited away on my old PC on Sony Vegas software, and when the system wasn’t crashing, things were good. I arrived in Ottawa in June with a roughly finished cut and we began rehearsing the stage element.

Soooo yes. Finished up the Ottawa Fringe and the final cut of the film. Packed up the car and went to Wakefield, Quebec, where I did two shows on the top floor of a restaurant. The first show was attended by five people, including Jem Rolls. Jem told me afterwards that he liked the show, and that it was a fast hour. The second night I actually had a somewhat rowdy and fun audience. That was a lot of fun. Wakefield is not really a highly populated town. The house I stayed in didn’t seem to have a person nearby for miles.

Went back to New York for a few days for my girlfriend’s birthday. Went back to Ottawa. Rehearsed and did two preview shows at Club Saw. Incorporated feedback from the previews and rehearsed some more. Went to Bluesfest in Ottawa. Packed up the car with Alison and spent three days on the road. Saw a bear. Arrived in Winnipeg.

And today was the official opening of the festival. “The Last Straight Man In Theatre” opens Friday at 3:45pm. See you tomorrow at some point. The blog is back!


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