Winnipeg Day Two

Well, the sandwhich board is constructed and showing itself proudly at Market Square. We flyered and sold (almost) half our house for tomorrow for discount prices so we can get a good crowd and generate word-of-mouth. Saw my friend Jayson McDonald and others. It is still cold and windy here in Winnipeg.

I just attended a family dinner party given by my billets. It was nice of them to invite myself and Alison. It was a lot of fun, and I was addressed several times, being that I was the only American at the table. I was representing the U.S. What a great time! Very cool people, and it was an evening that I enjoyed very much. Someone even brought out an atlas and I showed them where I grew up and where I live now. This is one reason I enjoy touring – to meet other people and have these kinds of experiences. And I promote the show as being global – American actor/writer, Canadian director, and Malaysian composer. I miss that composer.

I should be nervous about tomorrow’s opening, but instead I am having homemade wine. Now, that’s a sentence to remember.


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