Day 4: 2nd Performance

Some reviews were released today. Keeping with tradition, the CBC Manitoba panned the show and gave it one star. They have done this all three times I have come to the Winnipeg Fringe. They will not be in my will. I have not read the review, but Alison the director did, and from what I heard it is not anything constructive. I’d like to comment on it, but that would mean I would have to read it, which I’m not going to bother with.

You can find it, though, and leave audience comments, especially if you saw the show and enjoyed it. Alison did tell me that the reviewer said the audience was numb. Not true – they laughed a lot and I got huge applause at the end. Reviewers should never review the audience. State your opinion, but you can’t speak for the other people there. I had people from the audience talk to me afterwards and tell me how much they enjoyed it. One woman told me that she appreciated all the work I put into it, and the unique craft of the show. “I’m tired of seeing shows where a guy stands on stage and talks about getting drunk and laid,” she said.

It was a bummer to get that this morning, although we knew it was a possibility being that these Winnipeg reviews are oftentimes based on luck. Like you may be lucky enough to get someone to review your show who at least appreciates the craft and talent you put into it, even if it’s not your cup of tea.

Later in the day, we found that we got a B+ review from the Uptown, which is a weekly Winnipeg paper. This person really enjoyed it and wrote a very nice review. I’d print it here but I can’t cut and paste with this PC I’m on right now. That review seems to be making the rounds, so that’s good.

My 10:30pm show was very successful. We had 30+ people there, and they laughed even louder than the bigger crowd from last night. I enjoy doing the show very much, and people seem to be enjoying it with me. Now word-of-mouth can spread…


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