Day 7: Early Hurley

This morning the Winnipeg Free Press review officially came out in print, so all those sitting in their breakfast nook sipping coffee were reading it and planning their schedules for the rest of the Fringe week. Thus the 1:15pm Tuesday show actually had a very generous amount of audience members, while across the street my friend Martin Dockery’s “Wanderlust” sold out (which is for it’s entire run). I went over there before my show and told the people there that if “Wanderlust” was sold out, then come across the street and see “The Last Straight Man In Theatre.” I think the spillover worked. At the top of my show, I said (in character), “You all couldn’t get into ‘Wanderlust,’ could you?” That got some laughs.

Three years ago I had my early weekday show for “Rebel Without a Niche,” and three people attended – the cast of “Stuck,” including Anne Wyman, who is still on the Fringe scene. There was also dreary weather that day, I remember. I always tell performers to do their show, even if there are only a few people there, because that’s how you’re going to get great at what you do. Keep doing it and doing it and doing it.

I finally got to talk to Palikitten via Skype. I think she’s more evolved as a performer than I am (she is a musician, primarily a drummer), which I hope rubs off on me. She doesn’t worry about what people are thinking or writing about her, but instead just loves what she does. In contrast, I had to get away from other Fringe performers yesterday and just chill out on my own, because I needed a break from hearing about the Fringe and everything surrounding it. Taking a breath.

I would have a more evolved attitude, but instead I am focusing on having a sold-out show and getting Best of Fest (which is being one of the two best selling shows in your venue, I think – I heard another description of what it is, and it sounded confusing). Best of Fest would allow me to have an additional show on Sunday, which would be very cool. As some of you know, I set a goal to do seventy-five performances this year. Right now I am at fifty-one. So any additional performances I can get I will appreciate.

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