Day 8: The Longest Week

First of all, I was right: Tom X. Chao is indeed reading reviews online in the safety of his own home in the East Village. I discovered a message he wrote to Andrew Bailey about his Sun review on Facebook. If TXC is reading the Sun reviews, you know he is being thorough! So my image of TXC was not a false one.

Second of all, I had forgotten how slow time moves while I am a Fringe Festival. It is only Thursday today? I feel like I have been in Winnipeg for a month. I have lost track of time here.

The show didn’t get “Best of Fest,” meaning that it is currently not one of the two best sellers in the venue (it may be by the end, but the added “Best of Fest” shows need to be scheduled now). I thought it would be good to get it so that I could have an additional show on Sunday, but that’s fine. We’ll get more people into our last two shows – Friday at 10:45pm and Saturday at 3:30pm.

Last night’s show went very well, and was well attended. I think at the Fringe oftentimes people get a little too wrapped up in what their audience size is, etc. I have been guilty of this as well, but I catch myself because I know that’s really not the way to enjoy this experience.

I think about what I had originally enjoyed about the Fringe when I first did it in ’04 and ’05. I enjoyed doing a show that was getting an audience, even if it was an audience of comped performers. I enjoyed meeting creative and talented people who were proactive enough to write and perform their own work and then sell it.

It’s not always easy being away from home. But it is a privilage to be able to perform “The Last Straight Man In Theatre” here to audiences. A show that is, essentially, both a feature film and a full-fledged stage production.

Anyway. Today I finally have a day off from the Fringe.

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