Day 9 and the Half-Blood Prince

I did no Fringe related activities on Thursday, or should I say I did not go anywhere near the Fringe grounds. Instead we saw “Harry Potter,” which was slow and beautiful and was a nice set-up for the final two movies. I probably would’ve seen a show if I was within walking distance, but I am about a twenty-five minute drive away, and parking isn’t necessarily easy to find there. That’s one reason I look forward to Saskatoon – I will be within walking distance from the Fringe there. It really makes a difference. I don’t enjoy driving everywhere and paying for parking every day. I love living in New York because I can walk and take the subway and really enjoy the city in that way. Here I am in the suburbs.

The way it works in Fringe festivals is that if you require housing, which most of the artists do, the festival provides you with a billet – a kind person or family who has an extra couch or room for you to stay in. It’s very nice, actually. It works out better for some people, of course. I’ve heard horror stories about some billets, and some people here are within walking distance from the Fringe. Alison and I are lucky that we are staying with a very nice and interesting family. We’re also lucky that they enjoyed the show. That can be an uncomfortable week when your billet doesn’t like your show.

Well, two more shows to go. Tonight is a late one – 10:45pm.


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