Day 10: Friday Night I Crashed Your Party

On Friday I went swimming, biking, and running, all at the YMCA. They have a stationary bike in which you can bike on virtual reality trails. I did the Redwood forest and the campus trail. I have to say that the students at whatever college that was have A LOT of walking to do from class to class, unless they have all their classes in one building. There was a lot of virtual biking and seeing nothing but green grass between seeing actual buildings. I like those virtual trails, however they never allow me to crash into a tree or ride into other bikers. I can’t even veer off the path. It won’t let me.

By night time, I am feasting on Capt’N Crunch right before beddy-bye, thus completing the full circle of being a contradiction in physical health. It all evens out, and I enjoy the French-Canadian Cap’n Crunch. I pretend he is a member of the French Resistance. “You can’t git away vith ze Crunch!” And then I laugh at that idea.

Friday was a late show – 10:45pm. So after another meal at the Mondragon and seeing a few shows, I finally got to perform. It was Friday night, and not a lot of people were out and about. I think our audience were people who had spent a long day at the Winnipeg Fringe seeing shows. Our Saturday 3:30pm slot (the final show!) is a much better slot, apparently, since when we checked yesterday afternoon there were already twenty-eight presales. The theater holds one-hundred, and the maximum pre-sales allowed are fifty. I knew that Friday night would give us a modest house, but I was ready for a fun show, which is what transpired.

During the show, a moth landed on my head on the projected screen. I swatted it off and said, “There’s a moth on your head!” Not the most clever ad lib, but at least the show lends itself to dealing with things like moths. It was a one man, one moth show. He/she/it did fly away and was not present for the rest of the hour.

Day 11 will mark my Final Winnipeg Fringe Show! It will be very interesting to see the path this show takes. I’m taking it one step at a time, and I have a good feeling about Saskatoon.


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