Day 11: The Winnipeg Final Finale

3:30pm Saturday was the final Winnipeg Fringe performance of “The Last Straight Man In Theatre.” We arrived before noon, saw a show, and I went around and sold the show as best I could. The best place to go was Market Square, where they put up a board of the shows available to see. Many people who walk by and stop to read that have not decided what show to see that afternoon. Thus, I ask them, “Are you looking for a show to see this afternoon?” Oftentimes they are or say, “Maybe,” and I go into a pitch, telling them all the exciting things they will experience if they see the show.

Interestingly enough, my voice gets a lot of use when I do these festival, and I think it’s more from selling the show than doing the show. The reason I believe my voice has been holding up well is that I have been taking care of myself and still exercising, even though I am away from home. I have not gotten sucked into eating from the Fringe Festival vendors, although I did have some Indian food once. Once is enough.

The 3:30pm show was a big success! There was an almost full house of enthusiastic fans. This may have been our biggest house, and it’s a very good sign when your final show has a big crowd – word-of-mouth took effect. Based on the experience I had here in Winnipeg, I believe this show has legs. Hooray! It will be very interesting to see how the show evolves and plays in other cities. This was the very first run ever for this show, so the outcome was not too shabby.

The morning before the show, I had hit my little toe against the wall while walking from the shower. By the time the show was about to go, I was limping a bit and my toe had turned purple. I thought this could be difficult because for one of my characters I walk around on my toes to indicate that I am wearing high heels (that took practice). I found that I could move better without sneakers on, so I did my first solo show wearing only socks on my feet. It was fine, and my toe is feeling better.


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