Day 12: Last Day of Winnipeg

No performances from me on the last day. I saw a couple shows, took down posters, and hung out. My last experience on the Fringe grounds was seeing Jem Rolls perform his greatest hits show “Leastest Flops” at the King’s Head. Jem is a fixture at the Fringe, and has been doing his performance poetry for a few years now to much acclaim. Seeing Jem was an appropriate ending for the Winnipeg Fringe Festival for me.

From there Alison and I went back to our billets and had another family dinner with them, with more homemade wine. Once again, a great time was had! I didn’t go to the Jenny Awards, which is sort-of a mock awards ceremony, nor did I go to the dance party that followed it. Instead I hung with these great people and then passed out on my bed.

Fringe over!


Fringe begins!

I drove Alison to the airport the next morning, and then figured out how I would coordinate getting Jayson McDonald and Jonno Katz (my passengers) and get us all to Saskatoon. Not much planning was done ahead of time, so I just packed up and drove to where Jayson was staying. A groggy Jayson answered the door, having just woken up by my 10:45am doorbell ring. From there we got Jonno, had breakfast (lunch for me) and spent the entire day driving to Saskatoon. We took the Yellow Route, which means we did not go through Regina. And we saw prairies. And prairies. And prairies. Car games were played, which sometimes made my head hurt. One game was trying to name as many animals as you could that start with a certain letter. Those guys know way more animals than I do. I suppose I should spend more time at zoos. I did well with the actor and movie games, though.

Arrived last night at… 10pm? 9pm? I don’t know. I went into another time zone while driving. I am once again staying with Steve, who I have stayed with all four times (including this time).

I open here in Saskatoon on Friday night at 8:15pm. I have six shows here, as opposed to the eight that I had in Winnipeg. Also I can charge more for tickets here, which is good. And Saskatoon is a really fun and relaxing (Gasp! I get to relax a little? Maybe?) place to be.


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