Goals for 2009 Part III

I set goals for myself at the beginning of this year, and planned to check in at the halfway mark of the year and follow up. I am a bit late on that, but I have been busy rehearsing and performing a brand-new show on the Canadian Fringe circuit. Right now I am in Saskatoon, between the Winnipeg and Saskatoon Fringe Festivals.

The ultimate goal here is for me to prove to myself that I can set goals and finish them, and I have set goals that are possible to achieve by consistently doing the work. So goals lead to goals. Okay, let’s go!

1. Do 75 shows this year. Right now I have done 55.

2. Go to the gym 100 times this year. Meaning once a day for 100 days throughout 2009. This I finished in Ottawa on July 8, which is also the first night I did a public performance (preview) of the new show “The Last Straight Man In Theatre.” I had my mind on other things while I finished out this goal.

3. Read Akira Kurosawa’s “Something Like an Autobiography.” I finished reading this on March 22.

I have found that, as always, things change, and you don’t know what new things are going to pop up in your life. But I think that’s important – to continue working towards the goals you set, despite the changes that go on.

Special shout-out to Palikitten, who has been a wonderful discovery in 2009.


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