Day 1 of Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival

The Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival began yesterday at 4pm, but also started the night before with a preview show. I did a two-minute bit for that – the only part of my show that does not involve video.

I have been very fortunate to have gotten some media attention here. There are a handful of performers who get to appear in a media-only preview on Wednesday morning. They are chosen by lottery, and I was lucky enough to get picked out of the hat. As a result, I actually met some people who had reviewed my shows over the years (!), and my mug was plastered the next day (Thursday) on the cover of the Arts & Life section of the StarPhoenix.

On Tuesday I stumbled upon an outdoor couch talk show for Shaw TV – Channel 10. Jason – or JJ – is the host, and I remember him from years past. He interviewed me for a radio show once, I think. Now he carts a couch in front of the Victoria School and he and his crew interview actors from Fringe shows. That was fun and unusual.

Thursday I appeared on CTV on the news at noon. That was also fun, although I accidentally said the word “ass” on the air. I did a little bit from my show, and forgot that “ass” was involved. I don’t think Canadians are as Puritan as Americans are when it comes to “ass,” though. They didn’t complain. “Ass” is often a divided issue, split down the middle.

My show opens tonight (Day 2 – I’m doing these blogs the next morning reflecting on the past day) at 8:15pm. I had my tech rehearsal yesterday afternoon, and we are all set to go.

Today (Friday) at noon I am appearing on the radio – CFCR 90.5 FM – to talk about the show. For four days straight, I have been doing media. I love Saskatoon!

Also I have, after many years, reunited with my college roommate. He became a fan of mine of Facebook, and now we are officially Facebook friends. Hooray! We’re catching up, and I have been able to watch videos of his new baby.


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