Day 2: Saskatoon Opening

My opening at 8:15pm in the Off-Broadway Arts Center went very well! The venue can seat one-hundred and fifty, and the place had a really good chunk of people there, who had a great time! I saw one guy in the audience who I recognized from over the years. He came up to me after the preview show a few nights back and told me how much he enjoyed “Hooray for Speech Therapy” and “Rebel Without a Niche.” I was pleased that someone remembers “Rebel.” Anyway, on opening night, there he was, seeing me again. That’s very gratifying to know that there are people following my work and welcoming me back. Saskatoon is one city where I always feel welcomed.

I was very pleased to talk to some performers who I respect and admire who enjoyed my show. My friend Jayson McDonald has seen all my shows, and really enjoyed and liked the direction I’ve gone in my work. So that was very encouraging, and makes me want to keep going forward.

Yesterday afternoon I had a radio interview with CFCR 90.5 FM. It has not aired yet, but it will sometime next week. It was a very good interview, and I talked a lot about the technical aspects of the show and how the writing and producing of it evolved. I have a mp3 of the entire interview and will put it up on my website at some point. I also now have a DVD of my CTV interview where I said “ass,” so I will be putting that up at some point as well.

I have a full slate of performances coming up. In addition to my remaining five shows in the Fringe, I signed up to take part in a Fringe Improv Match on Sunday night, as well as the famous Spoof Night, which will be on Thursday night. On Spoof Night, anyone who wants to participate puts the name of their show in a hat, and everyone picks out of it, and the show you get is the one you do a five minute spoof of. I’ve always had fun with it, and I got one this year that once again suits my needs well. I have not seen the show yet, but I already have some ideas.

I saw a Fringe show yesterday called “The Lavender Lady” that I really admired, mainly because it was such a mind fuck of a show. I rarely mention shows I see on this blog, but I just enjoyed the pure out-there balls-out nature of this show. It begins with a man whose life consists of watching soap operas who has a woman working for him who crawls around on her knees all the time. Then he meets The Lavender Lady, kind of like an Avon lady, who then moves in and has a man working for her, who also crawls around on his knees. It degenerates into slapping, stabbing, blood, filthy language, and much more. Oh, this show is a keeper! It was fun seeing some of the people in the audience somewhat horrified. To me, it was like a David Lynch film. I’m glad I saw it, and I’m glad it’s playing the circuit. It was a little uncomfortable to watch at times, but it’s great that there is a Fringe show that is doing that! I’m happy that there is something weird and challenging playing the Fringe. I could just imagine someone in Winnipeg doing a double feature of “Alter Boyz” and “The Lavender Lady.”


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