Days 9 & 10: … stays in Saskatoon.

The last weekend of the festival! Actually the festival is over now. For some odd reason, the Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival’s last day is on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. Too bad because today was a beautiful day in Saskatoon and people would have been out and about.

On Friday and Saturday I had 8:45pm shows, prime time! I went around and flyered line-ups and saw shows. In fact, on Saturday I scheduled myself out so that I could see a show from 6:30pm – 7:30pm, another show from 7:30pm – 8:30pm, and then do my show at 8:45pm! All at different venues. I actually managed to pull this off.

My audiences got a bit small by the final stretch, but I was very pleased with how the run went. I even had more fun with the show. During one part where I go into the audience, I just started running laps around the audience. On Friday I did about three laps, but Saturday I probably did six. People seemed to really enjoy that. It’s just me having fun.

I do think the StarPhoenix review affected my box office intake. But without it, I never would have gotten the support that I got from people here. Many people told me they didn’t agree with the review, and one woman actually called the newspaper to complain!

As I’ve said, it’s luck, really. It also allows your audience to be people who are really interested in seeing you and seeing your work. They are also people who may have been flyered and made a personal connection with you, the performer. If you have a show that received four or five stars, you will get people who exclusively seek out those highly rated shows, but aren’t necessarily going to be your fans.

I’m proud of the work, and very proud that performers whose work I respect very much enjoyed and appreciated the show. And also that other people went out of their way to tell me how much they appreciated it. I don’t think it’s for everyone, but what’s the point in creating something that will appeal to everyone? That’s the fun of a festival – to have a vast range of work that can appeal to different kinds of tastes.

It’s still a process for me to find out how marketable the show is and who the audience is. This is still a new show, so it is interesting. I like the idea that it can be a cult show. I would like to play it New York, and I’m thinking of what approach to take. Possibly a low-budget midnight show approach. I’m thinking about it, and will continue to think about this as I go to my next city.

Last night there was karoake and farewells, and this morning, Sunday, there were some more farewells and I watched many of my fellow performers take off in packed vans and cars and headed to Edmonton, the next Fringe Festival. My two passengers who rode with me from Winnipeg have to take the bus to Edmonton, since I’m not going there.

I was wait listed for Edmonton and got into the Boulder Fringe Festival, so I dropped off the wait list and I’m going to Boulder! I’m a little sad that I am veering off the trail that my friends are taking, but I’m also excited to be getting a fresh perspective with the show. I’ve never been to Boulder, but I would imagine it’s different from the Canadian Fringe. Now I can continue to see who the audience is for this show, and see how it plays in its first US run.

Also, back in the USA, I can use my credit cards again (without fees), use my cell phone again, get paid in American money, etc. Plus I hear Boulder is beautiful. It’s got to be nicer than Edmonton.

I leave Monday (tomorrow) and plan to arrive on Wednesday, when I will be doing my tech and a cabaret opening night show. Check back and I’ll let you know my adventures from here to Boulder.


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