Rocky Mountain Contact High

My 10pm opening in Boulder on Thursday actually went very well. I thought the only person in the audience would be my brother, being that I really don’t know anyone in Boulder and have no audience here that I know of. But people did come. More than I expected. I was also happy that there were some Fringe volunteers on hand to help us set up before the show. In thirty minutes, the last show has to clear out, and we (myself and my tech) have to get my screen up, hook up the sound system, adjust some lights, test out the sound, and set up/adjust the projector and DVD player. So I was pleased that I got some help that night. For three out of six shows, I’m actually the first show in the venue, so I could probably show up a little earlier. But we will still have to break down quickly for the next show.

My next show is on Sunday. I went hiking yesterday, which was fun. I think I’ll do some more of that. No really long hikes. Hiking is actually just walking, just like fishing is really sitting and doing nothing. I have no qualms about actually just walking and/or doing nothing, and saving myself the sporting goods.


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