Contemporary Kurt

Well, I can’t complain since I’ve seen ten shows here in the Boulder Fringe so far and have gotten to see some of the other venues. My venue is by far the best, so I am very lucky. Two of the venues here are very difficult to find. One is tucked away on the bottom floor of a museum amidst a college campus. There is no parking that I know of (maybe it’s somewhere, but good luck finding it) and no signs outside telling you where to go. Another venue is not at the address listed. You have to know to go around to the back entrance, where there is another space.

Now, my venue is also in a museum – the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. This venue is a bit more central, and, as luck would have it, there are some big selling local shows happening in the venue. So people going to the Fringe are likely to know about it.

Yesterday I took part in the Fringe parade, a pitiful event except that it did have a stilt walker and I got to meet the lovely dancers from “Light As Air Heavy As Sound.” The parade seemed to be going into areas where there were no people. We went into a park, which led to a woodsy back alley. Not exactly a prime place to get audience. Then we ended up on Pearl street, which is much more happening. At that point the parade dispersed, which was not difficult to do.

My show yesterday was at 7pm. The mad rush to set up is insane. They had to strike and reassemble the space due to a wedding that happened on Saturday. So my stuff was scattered about and the sound system had been disconnected. It’s the good thing I’ve been doing this long enough so that I can release all the stress to do the show. I don’t like being my own stage manager, especially with this quick change. I did have a few people from the festival to help out.

I had another DVD glitch during the show, but it actually worked well, and became part of the show. I continued playing Mary the waitress, and just ejected and wiped off the DVD while complaining that this was an extra duty now in the diner and that I needed to keep this going so I could get my tips. The audience seemed to enjoy it. In fact, it was a pretty lively audience. I heard afterwards that a reviewer from the local Boulder paper was there, so hopefully things will go well with that. I never know. I had people come up to me after the show, including a twenty-one year old guy and his mom, and they said they loved the show. This guy told me his name was “Kurdt,” which he adapted from his birth name, “Curtis.” Yes, he added a D in addition to changing C to K. That’s wild.

My next show is today at 5:30pm. First show in the space, so no frantic set-up! Hooray! I have also been enjoying flyering and seeing other shows. I found that in the Canadian festivals, there is so much of a focus on reviews and not as much focus on the work. Here it seems to be more on the work, and I like that.


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