2009 Goals for Kurt – Final Chapter

2009 is coming to a close, so it’s time for me to take a final look at my goals that I posted at the beginning of this year.

The point of the goals for this year – and this is the first year I really did this – was that they were attainable through sheer effort. I didn’t set any goals that exclusively depended on someone else giving me an opportunity, although many people did naturally become associated and connected with these goals. I mean, I can’t do shows without audiences, right? That’s just one example. Also smaller goals beget bigger goals.

1. Do 75 shows this year. I decided to set this goal because at the end of 2008, I was disappointed that I had not done a whole lot of shows that year, and I was reading about the various theater and comedy scenes, and was feeling out of the loop. I included open mike nights and open improv shows within this goal, so that I could be proactive without getting cast by someone, or producing my own show.

I officially achieved this goal on October 2, and I am ending the year with 83 performances. What were they? Well, many of them were on tour. I did 23 performance of my new show “The Last Straight Man In Theatre,” which includes 2 preview shows. I did 23 performances of “Hooray for Speech Therapy,” including my 1 self-produced show in Los Angeles, and 2 NYC shows. On the Fringe tour, in addition to my solo shows, I appeared in 8 various performances, including special guest appearances, previews, talk shows, and other stuff. In NYC, I did 5 “Sunday Night Improvs,” 1 “Soterville” improv show, 10 Lindy Loo’s “Country Cuzins” shows (as Chuckie Loo!), 3 performances of a staged reading of the play “To See Or Not To See,” 7 open improv shows, and 3 open mikes. That adds up to 83!

I did say that karaoke performances would not count. For the record, I did karaoke once in 2009. I think I sang “Livin’ la Vida Loca.” It doesn’t count.

So what came out of this? Well, I am very happy that I am doing regular shows in NYC again. That was unexpected. Now I am doing monthly shows with both “Sunday Night Improv” and as Chuckie Loo in the “Country Cuzins” shows. I don’t take those opportunities for granted.

I am happy with how “Hooray for Speech Therapy” has evolved into a such a relaxed and enjoyable show to do, and seeing how it still affects people. “The Last Straight Man In Theatre” has been a risky venture, and I’m still not at ease with all the tech elements of it, but I didn’t want to tour with something that wasn’t going to stretch my abilities. Doing tours is not necessarily lucrative, and it can be a lonely and trying experience at times, so if I am going to put myself through that, then I’m going to do something different and challenging. So I did! Director Alison Cousins and I concocted a show that I think is far and beyond other things I’ve written. I am very proud of it, and it has actually gotten me the best reviews I’ve ever gotten, along with a lot of support. Of course, not everyone likes it, but that’s also part of the fun.

2. Go to the gym 100 times this year, meaning once a day for 100 days throughout 2009. This seemed challenging at the time, but now I think I low-balled myself. I officially achieved this goal on July 8, and I’ve been slacking the last two months. Whereas I think the 75 show goal was a good one, I’m going to raise the bar on this one for 2010. I completed 138 days all together.

3. Read Akira Kurosawa’s “Something Like an Autobiography.” This seemed like an easy goal, but what’s wrong with that? I’ve had this book on my shelf for years and it has stared back at me. I finished reading it on March 22. I’m glad I did read it, and I would like to read it again.

Success! I recommend doing goals like this, as they kept me focused for a good part of this year. The real success for me is the people I have in my life, and there are too many people to tag and mention. Thanks, everyone! 2010 goals will be up very soon.


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