2010 Goals for Kurt

As per my last blog/note, you can see that my 2009 were successful. So let’s step it up for 2010. I like to share my goals with everyone who is interested because that’s more fun for me. These aren’t “New Years Resolutions,” but instead are encompassing year goals. By putting these out there, they take on a better life than if I just write them on a piece of paper. And maybe they inspire some people. Who knows?

Jeffrey Paul Bobrick asked me today what I was planning for 2010. One thing that I said was that I very much wanted to advance to a more professional level in my career. I worked on a lot of television shows in 2009, and I enjoyed the work ethic and ongoing creativity of that medium. I would like to write and act for television, however I have to learn how to get my foot in the door and how to proceed. I think the fact that I have a long list of credits – although most of it is in theater – should help me show that I have credibility. I think that writing will be something that will help me make this transition, so I have included writing goals this year.

On with the goals…

1. Do 75 shows this year. This means 75 performances. This could be a combination of many different things: solo show performances, plays, cabaret, improv. Open mike nights count, as long as there is an audience. The only real restriction is that a karaoke performance doesn’t count. This is the same goal that I made last year, and I felt that I got a lot out of that goal.

Currently I already have three cities of festivals booked for “The Last Straight Man In Theatre” – Fresno, Ottawa, and Indianapolis. I plan to do NYC shows, and hopefully some other cities.

2. Go to the gym 200 times this year. Meaning once a day for 200 days throughout 2010. Home gyms don’t count, but hotel gyms do. Yes, I have doubled last year’s goal! Last year I achieved 100 at about halfway through the year, thus this year’s increase.

3. Book goal – I have chosen two books for 2010. Gabe Hakvaag loaned me a book called “Personal Days” by Ed Park before he moved to Wellsboro, PA. It stares it me every day from my shelf, so I will read that and possibly give it back to Gabe in a ceremony celebrating the completion of the goal.

Howard Heyman spotted “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert M. Pirsig on my table, and said he found it to be a very beneficial book. I will read that as well.

4. Writing goal #1 – I have a story that has been in my head for years that I have never written down. This year I intend to write it. The format and length of the writing is up to me.

5. Writing goal #2 – Adapt “The Last Straight Man In Theatre” script into a TV pilot script.

6. Fan goal – People have told me this past year how much they liked my YouTube video “Quaker Love.” In 2010 I will put up at least 3 new videos for everyone to enjoy.

7. Procrastination vs. Goal goal – I have procrastinated heavily on getting my show “Hooray for Speech Therapy” booked at colleges. So I am making a goal to counter that. I will make at least 100 calls to colleges or booking agents to get this show playing at schools. That way, come Fall, I could be doing a college tour, resulting in more (paid) shows, more audiences, and getting a better understanding of stuttering out there.

2010 will be busy for me. I’ll report back at the 1/4 point of the year and let you all know how it’s all going.


One thought on “2010 Goals for Kurt

  1. hi Kurt..
    your performance at the Rogue last nite was phenomenal. You have a true natural talent, the ability to display it, & a passion for what you do that makes you truly exceptional.
    Thanks for coming.. hope to see you next year. In the meantime, i’ll be watching for your work elsewhere.
    Best wishes. Sincerely, bob

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