Two Days From KC

Hi, everyone! In years past I have always kept a blog going during my tours, beginning on Myspace in ’05, and then it moved onto WordPress. Now it hits Myspace, WordPress, and Facebook. Whew! What was once a fun travelogue for me now involves a lot of cutting and pasting, if I get around to it. And as for Twitter, I have difficulties with Tweeting. I have not mustered enough interest in it yet. Social networking is getting out of hand.

I have been filming videos every day and posting them. They are readily available for viewing. They have been fun to do, and I never know what I will do the morning I get up. The format has been evolving as I have gone along. The thing is that my actual performing tour doesn’t actually begin for a few days, so for a week or so of traveling I am just looking for things to film. My idea is to use these to build momentum for my show. I have a lot of performances coming up, including the NYC ones in the fall, so I am building audience for that.

Tomorrow I leave Columbus, OH, for a two day drive to Kansas City. I will be in a preview show Sunday night, and open on Monday. I still have to do KC publicity and run through the show a few times, including doing a tech rehearsal. So that’s where I’m at.


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