21 Days of Videos!

I’ve been on the road for three weeks and I’ve made twenty-one videos – one for every day on the road! I think I’m still finding my groove with them, but with the YouTube reports on how many views each one gets, I can see what is more popular than others.

The most successful episode is Day 1 – which is understandable, as the premiere of a series is often known to be highly rated. It’s unclear whether or not viewership tapered off due to disinterest in the series based on the premiere, because some other episodes are close in number of views. I can’t do another premiere, but I can provide a killer series finale. Many people will tune into a finale, even if they haven’t seen the series! I’m not sure when the final episode will be yet, but it will come at the end of August or beginning of September.

My second most successful episode featured a guest appearance by Phil Low, even though the lighting was bad in it. This provided a crossover audience, and more views! I have already asked Phil to appear in another episode, and it seems that guest appearances by people who are promoting their own work via blogs, Facebook, whatever, is another way to get viewership.

The least successful installment was a rare moment captured of me sincerely complaining about things. No one likes a complainer, I guess, and no one wants to see me being introspective, apparently. Point taken.

I never know what I am going to film from one day to the next, but that gives it kind of a loose feel that I think many people are enjoying. If you can, repost or send out the ones you like. I wouldn’t mind seeing at least one of these episodes get up to one hundred views! It’s a start. I have had people I don’t know tell me they enjoyed a video or two and they now have interest in seeing me live. That was one thing I hoped for in this project, so I’m glad about that.


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