2010 Goals for Kurt Part IV

We have begun October, and are 3/4 into the year. So let’s see where I am with my goals for this year.

1. Do 75 shows this year. As of Oct. 1, I have done 61. I am amidst a 10 week run of “The Last Straight Man In Theatre” in Brooklyn now, and I’m doing monthly shows with Sunday Night Improv and Lindy Loo’s Country Cuzins in NYC. Toured the Midwest this past summer. With live performances I am going strong.

2. Go to the gym 200 times, meaning once a day for 200 days throughout 2010. As of Oct. 1, I have gone 131 times, which means I am not on schedule. I could still make this goal, but I have to get myself out almost every day. Wish me luck with this.

3. Book goal – I chose to read the book Gabe Hakvaag loaned me, “Personal Days” – in fact I’ll be giving it back to him next week. Also “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” I read both of them and didn’t care for either one. Goal achieved.

4. Writing goal #1 – Write that story that has been locked in my head for years. Well, it’s still in there.

5. Writing goal #2 – Adapt “The Last Straight Man In Theatre” into a TV pilot script. Sounds like a good idea. As of Oct. 1, it has remained an idea.

6. Fan goal – Put up 3 new videos. I have done this and beyond. When I did my Midwest tour I posted a video every single day, resulting in 45 videos. A series finale is still on its way. I believe that when I had originally set this goal, I was thinking of doing some of my complicated multi-character short films, which would have taken a lot of time to produce. The daily tour videos were fairly simple to do, but did take a consistent commitment. So therefore… Goal achieved.

7. Procrastination vs. Goal goal – Make at least 100 calls to colleges or booking agents to get my show “Hooray for Speech Therapy” performed at schools. This goal I am very proud of, because last spring I started consistently making 2 calls a day to schools, and it resulted in me booking two college shows for this fall semester. I have not reached 100 yet, but I am up to 90.

I have also been following up on leads, which I have been very bad at in the past. This is a goal that I need to keep myself going with, because I easily slack off on it again – I have NO idea why I do, but I do. But 90 calls is 89 more than I made in 2009.


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