The Godfather

Marcel, the Godfather of the Rogue, arrives here in Seattle this afternoon.  He is probably getting on the plane as I write this.  And “Dancing in the Mist,” which he first told me about five years ago is finally a full script.  I read it with Xan as we ate dinner a few nights ago, and now in my computer is an updated draft which I haven’t even read yet.  At near fifty pages long and with myself in every scene, I’ve got lines to learn, movements to master, and nuances to know.  It has been a tough road this past week or so – we had a family illness that we’re dealing with that almost made Xan drop out of the first run of the show to care for things.  She’s back in.  We need to do this.

The script itself is very close to Marcel’s life.  There is a lot of weight to all this.  We’re going full steam ahead.

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