Bright Light

I used to find the dreary days on the East Coast kind of depressing.  I had heard that the constant dreary winters of Seattle can really get to people, but I found myself getting used to the murky weather.  In the past week, I think the sun came out once for about an hour and […]

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Los Angeles Fantasy

Whenever I read an article about someone who is a current hot commodity they mention a long list of projects that they have lined up to do.  While it sounds impressive, how many things can someone actually do?  I remember when Trey Parker and Matt Stone got hot during the first year of “South Park.”  […]

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Movie Jail

I recently read an article about “movie jail” in Filmmaker magazine, which I remembered because today I read an article in Entertainment Weekly about “Selma” director Ava DuVernay.  Among the many points made, Ms. DuVernay just wants to keep a career going.  She said, “I’ve never been in this place before.”  As in, a place […]

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The Godfather

Marcel, the Godfather of the Rogue, arrives here in Seattle this afternoon.  He is probably getting on the plane as I write this.  And “Dancing in the Mist,” which he first told me about five years ago is finally a full script.  I read it with Xan as we ate dinner a few nights ago, […]

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A Bad Stretch

Update from last week:  Xan and I didn’t visit a facility for patients with Alzheimer’s.  What we visited was a community center that hosted a day of games and activities for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  We sat with them in the beginning of their day, introduced ourselves, and talked about what we do.  I […]

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Dancing in the Mist

Happy New Year, everyone.  It’s Wednesday and I’m going to try to have a weekly update on here.  Every Wednesday?  Why not? Last year was a big year for me.  After many years on the Fringe circuit, I created and co-created two collaborative shows to tour with, and they were both successful.  “Bromance” played to […]

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Fringe Festival Thoughts

If you choose to do a fringe tour, be prepared.  Before you click “send” on your application, understand the following: If you do a major festival like Winnipeg and Edmonton, understand that you may be reviewed by the sports writer or classifieds editor of the newspaper, and they may give you a bad review because, […]

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